CLC Hobby Centre

Sewing Room

Simple Concept. You need space, we have space.

Hire our Green Park Sewing Room with access to our Cover Stitch, Overlocker and Sewing Machine all included. We have a special sewing table, cutting table and a selection of accessories for you to use.

Charged at £15.00 per hour.
If you want to book a full day, please email and we will get beck to you. 

Hourly rental of a space dedicated to crafting in our unit on the Alpha Garden Centre site in Wickford. Price includes use of either an overlocker, cover stitch or sewing machine. You are welcome to bring your own as long as it runs on single phase 240v and is not an industrial machine.

Its not a huge room so please do not bring your entire entourage. 

Read this whole page before booking.

We do not offer refunds on bookings but may be able to accommodate date or time changes depending on availability. If you forgot something and can't complete your project, that's on you.

Our services are open to people of all ages and abilities with a few exceptions. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied in the craft room by a responsible person over 18. No Id No Entry, if we ask.

Not sure how to say the next bit with out offending someone. If you do not have full cognitive or physical ability, you are advised to bring a companion with you. We offer no assistance past basic demonstration of the equipment and assistance in threading.

Regardless of the above. If you fcuk up your project, own it. We take no responsibility past the standard operation of the equipment.

Smoking is strictly prohibited outside of allocated spaces. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. If your intoxicated on arrival you will be escorted off the site.

Any and all illegal activities will be reported to the correct authorities. They, most likely, wont do anything but at least we done our bit.

This maybe a foreign concept but we do not sell your details to the highest bidder. All data stored by CLC is used by CLC to facilitate your interactions with CLC only. 

£ 15.00 15.0 GBP per Hour

Not Available For Sale

Rental Period
1 Hour
Total £ 15.00

This combination does not exist.

1 Hour £ 15.00
3 Hours £ 40.00

Current Machines

All included in the room rental.

Cover Stitch

A specialized type of sewing machine that adds a professional finish to knit fabrics and activewear projects. The secure and stretchy stitch it creates is often seen on t-shirts, leggings, and elastic bindings.

Sewing Machine

We have a great, simple, digital machine so you do not have to bring your own.


An overlocker is a sewing machine that produces a professional knitted stitch that sews over the edge of the fabric. The stitches they produce are truly unique and can’t be replicated on traditional sewing machines.

Also known as a serger, the overlocker is a specialised piece of machinery that binds your fabric and reduces excess seam.

Common Questions

Contact us for more information.


You will need to bring your own thread suitable for the type of sewing you are doing. We can lend you empty bobbins for the machines, they all take standard sizes.


Machine needles are provided and replaced if they break due to the machine binding. If you break one by hitting a pin, clip, button, zip etc, you will be charged for the needle. We do not supply sewing needles, thimbles, knitting needles or crochet hooks. We do not supply any other form of needle or tool.


We have a small selection of scissors that are available to borrow from reception. They are used by lots of people to cut lots of different materials and may not be the sharpest or the right type for your project. We recommend you bring your own to be sure you have what you need.